I Wish i had more space in my place to make this amazing self, but am still going to share it with all of you. all you need is 3 things and the hammer…….. of course…….. and you can make this book/orga

broken clothes rod holder

The preceding pictures should explain what this is (I keep forgetting Flickr keeps most recent uploads first). The closet hanger rod has sagged for about a day since this broke out.

style collective

We're really excited to have been asked to put together some DIY wedding projects for a fantastic website called Style Collective, an online magazine and fashion community.

Not the finished outlet

There was an outlet in the back hallway that was chipped, and I decided to replace it. My idea was to put in an outlet with a built-in nightlight (as seen here), but it was a 3-way junction, and this

castle in a fjord

This is apparently an ongoing DIY project alongside a fjord near Arngerareyri, Rauoamyrl. Not the typical architecture one would stumble upon in Northwest Iceland or anywhere in Iceland for that matte